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Some info about our weekly classes:

présentation COURS 19-20 hebdos-intensif FR -EN

Mondays, Natif is in AUCH & MARCIAC:

Tuesdays are in MAUVEZIN & MIRANDE:

Wednesdays, let’s meet in AUCH.

Thursdays, it’s in LUPIAC& MASSEUBE.


Our intensive French Classes:

N°1 AUCH, from November 26th to 29 th
N°2 AUCH, from January 20th to 23rd
N°3 AUCH, from March 23rd to 26th
N°4 AUCH, May from 18th to 20th
N°5 AUCH, June 30th to July 3rd
N°6 AUCH, July 7th to 10 th
N°7 AUCH, August 25 th to 28th