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Courses for everyone

Whether you are 17 or 99, and whatever your ability or your nationality, as long as you can read and write  in your own language, we have a course that will suit you, 2 hours weekly or Intensive one (12-16 hours weekly).

Courses for all abilities

Natif offers courses at all levels, from beginners (A1) to advanced (C1). Before you begin, we will give you a free evaluation, to make sure that you study in a class at the right level for you.

Friendly and experienced tutors

Natif’s three regular tutors are experienced, fully qualified, native French speakers, who will offer you a warm welcome. Don’t hesitate to let them know what you expect from the course, or to ask them if you have any special requirements or problems.


Classes at your own pace

You can choose whether to attend a weekly two-hour class, or an intensive three- or four days course whichever is more convenient and suitable for you.


Small groups

There are no more than eight students in each class, so that all have the best possible chance to learn and to express themselves.

Enjoyable lessons

Each class begins with a cup of coffee or tea, and an informal chat while everyone arrives and settles in.

We usually start with a brief audio or video recording, or perhaps a piece of text, to introduce a theme which will then be developed over two or three sessions, exploring French language, grammar and culture.

The accent is on oral expression, which is often the most useful for everyday life; but we never ignore the written word.