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Learn french, understand french culture and society, an added value to your business.

Natif offers formations in French as foreign language.

The cost could be taken care by the formation plan of your company or by the CPF (individual right to formation) providing that the organism accepts.


Training in FLE (French as Foreign Language)

If you or your employee are not a French speaker
Communication is a key tool inside the company, the running of which could be badly impacted if one of your employees is not fluent in French; Here are some obstacles that may happened:

  • Difficulties for the management of the Human Resources
  • Difficulties of understanding the tasks
  • Risk of misunderstanding and failure to respect safety instructions
  • Slow integration of the employee which may cause a poorer implication.

To form (train) your employees in French as a foreign language or in French on specific objective is saving these difficulties and win more efficiency

  • developing employees skills
  • help maintaining your employees inside the company-keeping
  • gain more productivity and efficiency

Our tutors are native French speakers, experienced and fully qualified.

If you’re interested, contacted us and together we will define your needs and see to a suitable formation.



You are employer or employee ?

The cost of training could be taken care ! (providing that the organism accepts.)