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19 messages.
TILYAEVA Shakhnoza de Saint-Émilion
Personnel très sympa, très gentil et des vrais professionnels de leur métier !! Toujours à l'écoute, vous avez des questions n'hésitez pas à les poser. Elles vous aideront et elles trouveront des solutions pour vous satisfaire. Un très bon endroit pour apprendre la langue et également pour la passation des tests. Il ne faut surtout pas oublier une très belle voiture de collection rare qui se trouve dans la cour extérieure de l'immeuble de Natif!! Le premier voyage à AUCH très satisfaisant, une très belle ville avec des vues et paysages magnifiques.
Merci beaucoup !!
Sonia de Mont de Marsan
Un grand merci à l'équipe de NATIF pour leur gentillesse et leur disponibilité ! Nous avons passé notre TCF dans d'excellentes conditions !
Tchibinda Lisiane de Auch
Bonjour, un grand merci à l’équipe Natif pour la compréhension, l’écoute, et surtout merci de m’avoir mise a l’aise de m’avoir bien expliqué le fonctionnement grâce à vous j’ai atteint mon objectif de réussite à mon examen et surtout restez comme vous êtes.
Cordialement Lisiane.
Maureen de Mirande
Un très grand merci à l’équipe de Natif pour l’accueil lors de mon TCF ! Je me suis sentie toute de suite à l’aise grâce à leurs explications très claires, toujours avec le sourire et le cadre agréable.
Je recommande vivement !
Nicky Griffith -Jones de La Sauvetat
Nous sommes arrivés at Natif tout tendu et Nadège et sa collègue a toute de suite nous ont mettre à l’aise .
Efficace et charmante nous les remercions .
Louna de Toulouse
Bonjour j ai passé mon test dans très bonne condition personnels tes sympas toujours a l écoute bon continuation
DIOP de Papa Samba
Bonjour, je souhaite témoigner de mon expérience pour avoir passé mon TCF au sein de l’association natif. En effet, j’ai passé mon test dans de très bonnes conditions : un environnement très humain, des gens accueillants et sympathiques et un local idoine.
Je ne regrette guère de parcourir autant de kilomètres ( Pau-Auch) pour passer mon examen à NATIF.
Tania and Steven Paterson de Monlezun
We have been going to Natif for a couple of years now and both really enjoy our lessons. The informal setting and relaxed atmosphere is very encouraging and certainly in my class we have a lot of fun as Roseline is an inspirational teacher!

My personal suggestion would be from time to time perhaps a little more focus on grammar revision as I do forget things and I think it would be a good idea if Natif considered some form of structured classes for beginners as Natif alone would not always be sufficient for complete novices.


Please just keep doing what you are doing, you are all amazing 🙂
Dullaart Anneke de Lalanne Magnoac
“Les filles de NATIF” sont de tres bonnesenseignantes, intelligents, belles, creatives et aussi tres gentilles.
Pendant de nombreuse annees je suis les lecons et chaquefois j’apprend quelque chose interessantes, Je vais toujours aux reunions avec beaucoup de plaisir!!
Woodward Lynda & Barry de Saint Justin
NATIF, great for improving your conversation skills, verbal comprehension and french culture in small groups by native speaking french teachers. Particularly helpful and supportive when we were preparing for the French naturalisation process with exercises targeting french history, culture and relevant general knowledge. Bravo, et merci beaucoup Rosaline !
Nicola MacKenzie de Lectoure
"Natif est un lieu unique pour découvrer toutes les diverses sections de la France, tandis qu'on apprends leur langue. Je trouve les profs modernes, ouvertes et généreuse pendant que je lutte avec ma memoire! On a assez de la grammaire mais l'accent est mis sur la pratique et les erreurs sont corrigées gentiment. Je recommande fortement a tous ceux qui veulent explorer la vie et la langue français."
Janice McKellar de Maubourguet
My recommendation to anyone who is thinking about joining one of the NATIF classes is......... just do it!!

For me it has opened up a beautiful language which I knew very little about before coming to live in France. The classes are informative and fun. When you reach a "certain age" I certainly did not want to feel that I was under any pressure going back into a classroom situation again and wondering, why am I doing this?! However It is more like meeting up with friends each week, learning the language, exploring its culture and it is good to get those little "grey cells working" again. My one regret is not having found NATIF sooner!
Ian McKellar de Maubourguet
Being retired, a 'school classroom' environment would not have worked for me! I needed the lessons to be fun, educational, informative and interesting and the lessons our Natif teacher provides does exactly that!

Yes, there is grammar, there has to be, but the lessons include much more! Because all the lessons and discussions are in French, you very quickly realize that you are understanding more and are able to express yourself more confidently. There is always much laughter and discussion during the lessons where the inclusion of cultural aspects of living in France provide additional interest.

Because of the initial assessment, all members of the class are at roughly the same level. This helps promote involvement by the whole class, which adds to the diversity of some of the discussions. Some days may be harder than others, but I always look forward to the next class.

Natif is exactly right for me and I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to progress their knowledge of the language and gain confidence speaking French.
BODY Richard de Avéron-Bergelle
This is my third year of French classes with Natif, two hours a week in a group of two or three people. The experience has been really positive in all sorts of ways.

The language teaching is top class. Roseline is extremely knowledgeable and professional and her thorough preparation means the classes themselves can be pleasantly informal while still covering a lot of ground, not to mention dealing helpfully with the many language queries that come up.

The materials in class have a focus on various aspects of French life: food, culture, politics, history, etc providing opportunities to better understand France and its people.

On top of this, Natif organise some cultural events themselves and pass on information about more local events and traditions that might be of interest.

In short, Natif do everything they can to fulfil their aim of helping people to integrate into French life. Pour moi le cours de français de Natif est un vrai plaisir.
Angela Rippingale de Gondrin 32330
Despite having attended classes for too many years to mention(!), I want to continue to learn and improve my written & spoken French and to keep up to date with current idioms. I also believe it is important to learn about the country in which I have made my home.
I have had the benefit over the years of being taught by each of the current three professors. The classes are small (ours is 5 people) which I like and I find them interesting and well prepared with a good blend of grammer and topical subjects. We also have comprehension from visual video recordings and spoken interviews.
I still enjoy going to class and profit from them. I consider the classes are good value for money and, in my opinion, the best in the Gers!
Patricia King de Idrac-Respailles, Mirande
This is my second year with Natif. I started with a 3-day intensive course and was placed in the correct [beginners] class by Nadege. I was so delighted with the patience and understanding of the tutor Chantal. When a course was opened in Mirande with Roseline I didn't hesitate to join. Not only are the tutors highly professional, but they have good humour and their understanding of the nuances of the language is formidable. I look forward to the class every Tuesday in a jolly and relaxed atmosphere. Any questions outside of the set homework are always answered in as much depth as required. When there are holidays je suis désolée. Thank you all. Pat
Ruth Hartley de Labatut-Riviere
The Association Natif has transformed my experience of learning French. I look forward to every class. It has been a real encouragement and made me feel more confident about using French on a daily basis. It has given me useful language tools as well as a better grasp of French grammar. Natif has increased my understanding of culture and life in France which has helped me feel more integrated and well informed. My teacher, Roseline Pages, is very well qualified, always, pleasant and thoughtful with an excellent sense of humour.
L'Association Natif a transformé mon expérience d'apprentissage du français. J'ai hâte à chaque cours. Cela a été un réel encouragement et m'a permis de me sentir plus à l'aise pour utiliser le français au quotidien. Cela m'a donné des outils linguistiques utiles ainsi qu'une meilleure maîtrise de la grammaire française. Natif m'a permis de mieux comprendre la culture et la vie en France, ce qui m'a aidé à me sentir mieux intégré et mieux informé. Mon enseignante, Roseline Pages, est très qualifiée, toujours agréable et attentionnée avec un excellent sens de l'humour.
Paula Matthews de Termes D'Armagnac
I tried a number of different courses before joining NATIF and they did not work for me. I found NATIF was more structured and I liked the fact that we talk nearly all the time in French. Also we cover many different topics about life here in France which helped me to mix with the French and understand their culture. I have found the team very professional and I also like the fact that they continually ask for feedback so they can change the structure of the class if they need to. The classes are great fun and learning is enjoyable. NATIF is now the only class I attend and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn French in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. For me it is very important to speak the language in the Country I now choose to live in.
Jennifer Dewar de Termes d'Armagnac
I've been going to Natif French lessons for over five years. The quality of teaching is always very high, with a good mix of oral, writing and comprehension exercises. The groups are a good size, so you always have a 'voice' as well as being able to support and learn from others in the group. Natif is professional in its approach, and I've never been to a single lesson which been prepared thoroughly. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to learn or improve their French.